How Vectorizeimages Uses Your Information
When you enter data to our website, we may use the information provided to prepare invoices to make payment, abide by legal obligations in the Slovak Republic, or respond to your questions. The different ways that we use your information includes, but is not limited to the following;
– Create PayPal Invoices
– Store Email Addresses: For GDPR consent in Flamingo plugin along with Postman SMTP for the email log.
– Abide by Regulatory & Legal Requirements: We may collect personal information to meet government requirements, such as for taxes. We also save other information, including billing for as long as it is needed.
– Respond to Emails: If you contact us about a price quote using contact forms, we will save that information. Store original Image, document, photo, or vectorized version of media
– Store original image, document, photo, or vectorized version
Keep in mind that we do not use your files, but instead store them in case they are lost. Plus, we may use your information for any other purpose that you will be notified.
Third Party Disclosures
At Vectorizeimages, we do not sell or rent your personal information. It is possible that we might disclose or share all information you submit under certain circumstances such as the following;
Vendors & Service Providers: Who perform tasks such as processing and storage. Such companies may include the tax office, email and processing providers. All partners must meet high standards to protect your information.
Public Officials & Third Parties: When legally obliged to do so, we may disclose your personal information to such parties if you provided consent or if there are legal grounds for the information to be released. Such processing partners and proper third-parties include, but are not limited to the following;
– Google: Email services for communication
– PayPal: Invoice and processing
– Ikros: Creating and managing invoices
– UmbrellaFF s.r.o.: Handling accounts in the Slovak Republic
In addition, there are connected third parties in which the personal information might be disclosed.
WordPress CMS & Plugins: This includes Post SMTP and Flamingo for storing email addresses. This is with customer consent as well as email logs.
At Vectorizeimages, if we receive your personal information which is then transferred to a service provider or third-party agent for processing, we remain responsible by creating contracts that require them to protect your privacy and confidentiality of the information provided. All for the purposes of performing the required functions of our company. Our agents do not have the right to use your personal information beyond our intentions unless you provide consent or are told different for a specific reason.
When we collect personal information,which is transferred from the EU to a service provider or third-party agent for processing in a country outside the EU, Vectorizeimages will ensure that such transfers abide by EU laws. The includes but is not limited to the direct transfers from EU location to any agents based in the US or service providers that fall under the EU-US shield of privacy.
We may be required by a court order to provide your information to the proper authorities. At Vectorizeimages, we will only offer such personal information that is requested. This means that we only proceed after ensuring that the authority in question has the proper grounds to make a request of this nature. Upon approval, we only provide the information that has been directly requested.
If Vectorizeimages merges with or is acquired by another company or organization, we will make ever reasonable effort to notify you if we share your personal information with that company or organization.

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